Enhance Your Home's Leisure Space

Upgrade your space with hot tubs, pool tables and more in Coralville & Cedar Rapids, IA

Life is short-do you wish you could spend more time focusing on yourself? Whether you want to soak away your worries or play a few games, Leisure Zone can help you turn your house into a relaxing place to be. We have everything you need to make every day feel like a vacation. We install hot tubs, pool tables, air hockey tables, shuffleboard tables and much more. Visit our showroom in Coralville, IA to explore all of your options.

Take Your Shot

We're the only authorized Brunswick Billiards dealer in NE Iowa

Why should you let us remake your home?

Leisure Zone has everything you need to kick back and forget about your problems for a little while. We'll make the entire delivery, installation and setup process as easy as possible so you can start relaxing in no time.

Having a better leisure space leads to improved family relationships, stress relief, relaxation and plenty of "me time."

Need a few more reasons to move forward with Leisure Zone? Here's why you should work with our staff for hot tub installation and more in Coralville, IA:

We're the only authorized Brunswick Billiards dealer in NE Iowa.
We offer delivery, setup and repair within 60 miles of our showroom.
We'll make sure you choose the right setup for your space and needs.

Need to keep your pool clean this summer? We offer swimming pool water treatment products and services in Coralville & Cedar Rapids, IA. Everything you need to have an entertaining and relaxing time is at Leisure Zone.

How do you like to relax?

Do you like to soak in the pool or hot tub? Play a few games of nine-ball? The knowledgeable staff at Leisure Zone will help you make the right choices to guarantee you have the perfect setup. For hot tub setup, billiards table installation and more in Coralville, IA, visit Leisure Zone today.

You can expect a home lifestyle transformation that will wow you. We'll figure out a great setup for you based on your budget and home design. Our family-owned business is dedicated to making it easier for you to kick back and have a good time at home. We can provide onsite and virtual consultations as well as showroom appointments.

Want more information about shopping online for game room and spa equipment? Check out this free guide. We've got all the information you need. If you have any follow-up questions after looking at the downloadable guide, let us know.

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